Our Blinks of Bliss

Thank you for submitting your blinks of bliss – keep those blinks coming!

#blinksofbliss – dedicated posts

My Blink of Bliss:
I stood in the terrace watching the rain coming towards me. The city lay still, a hundred shades of grey slowly being swallowed by one huge wet blanket. I felt anxious as though it was a moment of change, a turning point of sorts and I could see it reaching for me… and I had a chance to either run or let it take over…so i did. I just stood there and let the rain wash away everything… my anxiety…my pain, my existence… and it was blissful! See the full post here by foroneplease

My Blink of Bliss: I had a flower pot left by our previous tenants in my balcony. Every time I see that I used to tell myself I must do something with it. Some lightning struck my one day and i dropped some coriander seeds in that pot and totally forgot about it. After few days I woke up with sound heavy rain and rushed to our balcony to save my clothes from getting wet. I noticed my coriander seedlings popped out. This was truly a blink of bliss moment for me :). I was happy like a kid that day 🙂 See the full post here by Sanjeevani

#blinksofbliss of the day – your messages:

My Blink of Bliss: Reading your blinks of bliss has made me remember all of mine.  Just last week watching our son sing a solo at the Christams Carols in front of hundreds of people.  So blissful and so proud. jkschafer, farewellmymanicure.com

My Blink of Bliss: Your LOL post did it to me. Elle, anicerworld

My Blink of Bliss: $20 tip from a massage client. Christina Designs Art

My Blink of Bliss: I had an awesome Blink of Bliss last night. My husband was downstairs taking our dogs outside before bed. It was late and I was so tired. My husband called to me to come back downstairs and I was wondering what he could possibly want now! Well when I got down there he called me outside to show me all of the fireflies in the treeline behind our house. He remembered how much I love watching the fireflies in the summer and they were really putting on an awesome show! It was truly a Blink of Bliss! Mrs. Hoffman, Wife, Mother, RN – conferenceroomtodiningroom

My Blink of Bliss: Al Pacino, Marlon Brando and chocolate tea… A lethal, yet blissful combination
Watching the Godfather under my favourite duvet with my favourite tea. THETEAISLE

My Blink of Bliss: Accidental Alarm
6:15, alarm goes – beep beep beep! Time to get up for work. Again.
But wait, It’s Saturday! turn alarm off, turn over, go back to sleep – blink of bliss! @chrismlives

My Blink of Bliss: Curling Up
Curling up to watch the latest episode of Home and Away with a packet of minstrals! Undisturbed. It’s the simple things! From Now Till I Do

3 responses to “Our Blinks of Bliss

  1. Deep breathe in through my nose, focusing my awareness in my heart center…feel Spirit expand in my being and the whole room becomes still with a sense of grace…blink of bliss! @GoddessOceana

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