69: Goodbye and Welcome

The countdown begins 10, 9, 8…..everything stands still as you reflect on all the highs or lows of 2013 and you wonder:

– how fast this year has gone,
– about friends/family you may have lost or gained,
– the new things and places you experienced and
– the special moments you will always treasure.

For me, in the very moment, as we all enter 2014, I felt a fuzzy tingling emotion, a mix of being thankful, grateful, excitement and happiness that I was actually able to stay awake past midnight to say goodbye to another year and welcome in a year of new beginnings,  possibilities and many more moments of bliss!

Thank you for sharing your blinksofbliss through your messages, comments and likes. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year with 2014 bring you lots of fun, joy, happiness and of course many blinksofbliss!

P.S. Yes, my son was up at 6am and getting up was very painful…the bliss of extra strong coffee just about saved me from my tiredness!

What has been your top blinksofbliss in 2013?


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