67: Laundry Heaven

Being a new mum of two (3 year old and 3 month baby), there are some things I have gradually learnt to accept that I will never EVER experience EVER Again, EVER! Here are a few:

1. Uninterrupted sleep
2. Be able to use the bathroom to poo/pee/shower in peace
3. Complete ALL the things you planned for the day
4. Drink a nice warm cup of tea in peace
5. Leave the house with just my handbag
6. An empty sink or dishwasher
7. Clean, tidy and clutter free home (Okay – I didn’t really experience this before kids!)
8. Finish a book
9. Start and finish a conversation without distractions
10. An empty laundry basket and no clothes to iron or fold..

Today, my blinkofbliss was actually witnessing an empty laundry basket in my home. This only lasted for about 5 seconds just before my baby projectile vomited over me!

Have you EVER experienced a blinkofbliss you thought you would NEVER NEVER experience again?


14 responses to “67: Laundry Heaven

  1. I just spent more than 24 hours alone in the house. I ate what and when I wanted, I watched television, played video games, and went to bed when I wanted. It was great! You’ll get to do some of those things again…some day!

  2. HA I had a good laugh and realized that i did never ever had time to do those things. My husband has promised to bring few back to my life. I hope its feasible with 3 yr and 1 yr old 😦

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