59: Toddler Alarm – The Joy of Extra Sleep Time


I no longer need an electronic alarm clock as I have an 19 month toddler who does the job every day early in the mornings. We hear him shout from the top of his lungs “Maammmaaaaaaa, Maaaaaammmmaaaaa, Maaammmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa”. In toddler speak, this means, “Get up and come get me now!”.

So it’s 5.30am and he goes off right on time. But then, suddenly he goes quiet and so I went to check and much to my delight, he was sleeping which means ‘Mammmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa’ can go back to sleep too! #blinksofbliss

Have you experienced the joy of extra sleep?

7 responses to “59: Toddler Alarm – The Joy of Extra Sleep Time

  1. Little Guy did that too – now he’s 6 and I know he’s awake…I hear thud, thud, thud….bang as he runs into my room and tackles me. Sometimes it was nicer to have them calling from a distance rather than jumping on your head, but I know these days fly by and some day we’ll miss that!

    • Your response made me smile. The alarm clock moves from vocal to tackles – can’t wait 🙂 Hope your head is not too sore – when does the jumping start? The bliss is not having to get out of bed – the alarm comes to you…..if only there was a snooze button!

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