58: Small Bite – Can you resist temptation?

Do you remember Joey from Friends? He never ever shares his food. Do you find your friend, husband, boyfriend or family member is eating something extremely fattening and you just want a small, tiny or little bite.

My husband gets irritated every time I want a bite so I always try my hardest not to ask. So, we are in a restaurant:
Husband: I am ordering this cheesecake, what about you?
Me: Oh, I am on a diet (See Post 53). I will have tea.
Husband: Are you sure? I won’t let you have a bite…(serious look)… I mean it!
Me: Err nope I am fine and promise I won’t have a bite (mental note, I can resist).

This gorgeous cheese cake arrives and my mouth starts to water more than Niagara Falls. I tried hard not to give in, sipped my tea slowly, tried to picture me in a bikini (okay, this will never happen) but nothing worked. When my husband looked away, I quickly grab my tea-spoon, delved in and had a #blinksofbliss bite!

Can you resist a dessert blinksofbliss?

23 responses to “58: Small Bite – Can you resist temptation?

      • Your welcome dear πŸ™‚
        I really enjoy reading your blog.
        Well the main thing is that you got the nomination post now as it put a smile on your face πŸ™‚

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