54: Glad It’s The F Day! Which day of the week do you wish for?

You are so resilient, dependable and strong. You never let me down. No matter what happens, you are always there – week in and week out. Please don’t take offence Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, I love you the most.

For me, Friday evenings are a #blinksofbliss as it means the weekend will soon start and my affair with Saturday and Sunday can begin!

Do you love the F day as much as I do?

12 responses to “54: Glad It’s The F Day! Which day of the week do you wish for?

  1. I wish I could experience that bliss weekly but unfortunately I only get to experience it once per month. And that won’t be for two more weeks. (Sigh)…

  2. I was wondering if instead of Saturdays and Sundays off from work we should have Thursdays and Sundays off. That would give you 2 blinks of bliss πŸ™‚ my favorite day is Wednesday because I have officially designated it as a Midweek party day for my friends. Started a trend of encouraging my friends to meet up for a casual hangout on Wednesday evenings and not wait till the weekend. Initially apprehensive, they are now growing fond of the idea and love the fact that they now have two things to look forward to in a week-the midweek and the weekend πŸ™‚ Maybe you should try it as well!

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