53: Relief from tight trousers – I can’t wait to take these off!

There is always that one item you just can’t wait to wear when you have returned from clothes shopping. You remember – how great, thin and super hot you looked when you tried it on in the shop fitting room. If you are like me, you did a little dance of joy in front of the mirror. Okay, maybe not!

I had that same feeling until I wore my brand new trousers for longer than 2 hours. This is when I realised I couldn’t actually breathe when sitting down in them – so tight! It was such a #blinksofbliss to undo that top button and take them off – phew!

Have you had a similar #blinksofbliss?

17 responses to “53: Relief from tight trousers – I can’t wait to take these off!

  1. Yes, I am guilty of the squeal of delight and the “happy dance” in the mirror in the store dressing room. When I came out, the clerk smiled and said, “so it went well”…I was embarrassed but just said, “Yup! I dropped another 2 sizes”…I have days when I don’t squeeze into them as well, but I work at it because that moment in the change room…was bliss!

    • Your reply made me smile, I am glad it’s not just me jumping for joy. Congratulations on dropping two dress sizes! You’re right, it is hard work but worth it. Do you have a target to reach?

      • I’d love to be back at my pre-pregnancy weight (who wouldn’t??) but that is not only unattainable, but likely inadvisable. Still, I’d rather get it down and keep it down now than wait until I HAVE to for whatever reason! It’s hard work!! πŸ™‚

      • I lost 36 pounds after pregnancy and boy, that was hard! I did go calorie crazy during pregnancy and enjoyed all that eating – hmm happy days! Check out post 13: Magic Numbers!

  2. I had this same blissful blink (the tight trousers one) just yesterday after eating at our favorite Japanese restaurant, (which, come to think of it, was another moment of bliss — the first bite of their deep fried pumpkin croquettes…scrumptious!). I feel uplifted after reading your blog…thanks!

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