48: Hand Drill – Washing your hands can be fun.

Whether it’s before dinner, after you sneeze or after a pee – the routine of washing our hands is drilled into us. I can always hear the sound of my mum’s voice and these six words, “Don’t forgot to wash your words” followed by these crucial reminders:

1) Wet your hands and apply hand-wash.
2) Rub your hands together.
3) Don’t forget to scrub between those fingers.
4) Wash the soap away and pat your hands dry.

Today, I opened a new bottle of hand-wash with lavender fragrance. It was a blink of ‘washing my hands’ bliss as it reminded me just how lovely lavender smells and that I do listen to my mum – occasionally!

What are your favourite #blinksofbliss hand-wash smells?

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