46: Supermarket Rush

My supermarket is a food rush – trolleys crashing, shelves stacking, shoppers queuing and tills beeping. It’s like there are never enough hours in the day with things to do, people to see, places to get too – rush, rush and rush.

I was rushing away when I received possibly the most loveliest service ever from my cashier – Elaine (yep – I actually took a second to read her name badge!).

It was a #blinksofbliss service as I could have talked to her all day and almost forgot about the rushing queue behind me!

Have you received #blinksofbliss service?

7 responses to “46: Supermarket Rush

  1. Many times we receive blinksofbliss services and we overlook them, what a shame. I appreciate good service every time and thank them.

  2. I long for moments like that……when someone takes time to listen and help… It makes the world a beautiful place……

  3. Personal service is great – always good to let the manager know too. I will remember to let them know how lovely Elaine was when I go shopping there.

  4. I never rush at the supermarket. I love taking my time walking down each isle even though I don’t need anything from that section. In the end I’m always buying more than what I intended. It’s a disease I tell you!

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