44: It’s a LOL moment

Ever found yourself laughing momentary and realise you’ve laughed just to yourself? You could be laughing at something you read on the internet, your book, a magazine, a text message or even something you’ve remembered.

I had an extreme lol to myself moment today.  I was laughing so much I had tears rolling down my face, my stomach was sucked in from all the deep breaths  (wish it was sucked in all the time)  and then the sound of a hyena (that’s the noise I make when I laugh). Suddenly I remembered I was in our open office at work and should be a lot quieter – opps!

Despite appearing completely nuts, my ‘lol’ or ‘lmao’ moment was a #blinkofbliss!

Do you lol to yourself?

3 responses to “44: It’s a LOL moment

  1. Several times when i think of my dog, he was so intelligent and funny . Sometimes children’s quotes make you smile or laugh .

  2. My brother and I shared a good laugh out loud in the middle of my Grandfather’s wake…my cousins were giving us weird looks but it didn’t matter. This old gentleman came in that we knew from way back, wearing light blue plaid pants, hiked up under his armpits, and held up with suspenders. My bro said, “Only Cecil could get away with those pants”. It was an lol moment on a very difficult day!

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