41: Crick, Crack and Crunch – #blinksofbliss

I promised myself to stop cracking my knuckles. It’s both annoying for others and extremely bad for my fingers.

I managed to distract myself by biting my nails (another bad habit – I know), chewing gum, drinking tea, coffee and squeezing a stress-ball. But, no matter how much I resisted, the urge was too much…..

….. “crick crack crunch” mmmmm #blinksofbliss

Do you have a #blinksofbliss habit?

2 responses to “41: Crick, Crack and Crunch – #blinksofbliss

  1. I too have that horrible habit and I also have tried to stop but i just can’t stop myself. my fingers actually hurt when I do try to go long periods of time with out it. I have also read that it doesn’t actually cause arthritis. So who knows how bad it actually is.

    • Hi Samatha, I’ve read that too and have that same ache if I go too long without a good crack! I guess in the meantime I will enjoy the release of tension it gives!

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