35: The Cornetto Experience

Chocolate, nuts, vanilla surrounded by waffle cone on a hot summers day is absolute bliss. Okay, so summer hasn’t arrived here in London but lets savour these blinks!

It’s like for those few minutes as you tackle the delightful feast time stands still. After unwrapping the wrapper, you begin to tackle bit by bit the nuts so delicately planted on top of the vanilla/chocolate mix. Then, you start to bite away at the vanilla whilst simultaneously crunching and nibbling away at the waffle cone. Slowly, the Cornetto disappears and just as you think it can’t get any better, it does!

For me, the blink of bliss comes right at the end of the cone – the bit full of chocolate. It’s the perfect ending to a yummy Cornetto. If only it didn’t have to end! 

What is your favourite #blinksofbliss when eating a Cornetto?

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