11: Gulp, Gulp, Gulp…..

It’s not the exact sound my goldfish makes, but watching Jacob in his tank, swim round and round, up and down with no cares or worries always puts me in a peaceful daze. Those few blinks of calm and contentment were bliss, that is until Jacob swam to the other side and he could no longer be seen – I think he was reminding me that I haven’t changed his water in weeks – opps! 

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2 responses to “11: Gulp, Gulp, Gulp…..

  1. I’m trying to decide if I like this concept. I’ve read your 11 Blinks… of optimism? and kind thoughts?… short and to the point.

    Gosh it just goes against everything I’m used to. But I’m smiling as I type, so you may have have tickled a curmudgeon.

    Ok, I’ve decided I like it!

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