9: Fluttering Butterfly


I love summertime but not the creepy crawlies and the flies that come with it. Even when no one is at home I am the first to jump on a chair screaming, “Sppppppiiiiiddddeeerr”  and then stare at its every move until I pluck the courage to run into another room and swiftly close the door behind me. 

Today, I was in my garden when I felt what seemed like a wasp flying around me, with fear I squatted straight to the ground and as I looked around I saw an amazing beautiful butterfly but just like a blink it fluttered away. It was bliss to see such a pretty creäture (and a huge relief!).&nbsp


2 responses to “9: Fluttering Butterfly

  1. Thank you for stopping by and being the very first to leave a comment 🙂 I am glad it’s not only me with a fear of wasps! It’s the way they hover in the air, setting their eyes on a victim, ready to pounce at any moment that scares me.

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