5: Unreachable Itch


So, I was driving along bopping my head to the radio and suddenly  I felt an itch in the most unreachable places – my foot! I tried to ignore it and even distracted myself but the more I did,  my itch screamed louder and louder at me, “Itch  me, itch Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,  ITTTTTCCCHHHHH me, now now NOW!” 

Within minutes, I pulled over,  took off my shoe and with my fingers I reached for that spot and in those milliseconds was that blink of bliss – that itching climax, that feeling of “I got it!”. Needless to say I continued to give that spot the biggest scratching of my life, it felt just like the feeling of warm sea –  have you ever felt that itching bliss?

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