January 1, 2014

69: Goodbye and Welcome

The countdown begins 10, 9, 8…..everything stands still as you reflect on all the highs or lows of 2013 and you wonder:

- how fast this year has gone,
- about friends/family you may have lost or gained,
- the new things and places you experienced and
- the special moments you will always treasure.

For me, in the very moment, as we all enter 2014, I felt a fuzzy tingling emotion, a mix of being thankful, grateful, excitement and happiness that I was actually able to stay awake past midnight to say goodbye to another year and welcome in a year of new beginnings,  possibilities and many more moments of bliss!

Thank you for sharing your blinksofbliss through your messages, comments and likes. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year with 2014 bring you lots of fun, joy, happiness and of course many blinksofbliss!

P.S. Yes, my son was up at 6am and getting up was very painful…the bliss of extra strong coffee just about saved me from my tiredness!

What has been your top blinksofbliss in 2013?


December 30, 2013

68: The First Smile


There is such a special bond between a mummy and/or daddy and their children. This feeling keeps strengthening unconditionally in many magical ways. Often, it’s just simply by being with them and watching them grow day by day that can touch you.

Seeing my baby smile for the first time was such a special moment whereby for a blink of a second a little smile  became my most treasured bliss. Even though this was followed by a very big burp!

What has been your most treasured moment?

December 24, 2013

67: Laundry Heaven

Being a new mum of two (3 year old and 3 month baby), there are some things I have gradually learnt to accept that I will never EVER experience EVER Again, EVER! Here are a few:

1. Uninterrupted sleep
2. Be able to use the bathroom to poo/pee/shower in peace
3. Complete ALL the things you planned for the day
4. Drink a nice warm cup of tea in peace
5. Leave the house with just my handbag
6. An empty sink or dishwasher
7. Clean, tidy and clutter free home (Okay – I didn’t really experience this before kids!)
8. Finish a book
9. Start and finish a conversation without distractions
10. An empty laundry basket and no clothes to iron or fold..

Today, my blinkofbliss was actually witnessing an empty laundry basket in my home. This only lasted for about 5 seconds just before my baby projectile vomited over me!

Have you EVER experienced a blinkofbliss you thought you would NEVER NEVER experience again?


December 19, 2013

66: Joseph, Mary and a Baby – Our First Nativity Play


We were on countdown as every day was one less day to seeing my 3 year old son in his very first nativity play. We had  practised all the songs.. (again, again and again), the outfit was ready and the star was made to hang on the stage. All it needed was Mummy, Daddy and Baby sister to see him with all his friends.

When he walked onto  the stage as Joseph my heart melted – I was so very proud of him. Even though for the rest of nativity play there was no Joseph (he ran over to me – stage fright!) – it was a very special blinkofbliss to see him.

When did you have a proud blinksofbliss moment?

December 11, 2013

65: Shining Star – What do you put on top of your tree?

Santa, reindeers, baubles, tinsel, presents, fairy lights, mince pies,  snow – Christmas is always a special time of the year and you know Christmas is truly here when you decorate your Christmas tree.

It was extra special this year as we held up our son to put his special handmade star on top of our tree. It was a blinkofbliss to see the fun of Christmas brighten up his eyes as we watched his star with the fairy lights twinkling around our tree.

Do you have a special Christmas blink of bliss? 


November 24, 2013

64: Colours of Autumn


There is something special about trees especially in Autumn. They are strong, stand the test of time, change effortlessly with the weather and above all are beautifully calming.

After pushing my pram for several minutes, it was a blinkofbliss to slow down, catch my breath (I know, I am very unfit!) and take a moment to look up to adore the shades of autumn all around me.

What has been your blinksofbliss today?

November 16, 2013

63: Starting Over

Over the course of time, you might have left a hobby, a passion, a book or even a blog.  You stopped maybe for a few days and thought you would come back to it but weeks, months or even a year goes by before you realised how much you miss it.

Even though I continue to enjoy blinksofbliss, its been almost a year since my last post. In this time, I was promoted at work, learnt new hobbies, travelled and welcomed a new addition to our family – a baby girl!

I realised how much I’ve missed sharing my blinksofbliss and noticed how sometimes it can be easy to forget about things that once inspired you. I hope it’s not too late to come back again and capture my bliss moments here over the coming days, months and years. I wonder what blinksofbliss I will enjoy being a full time mummy for two cheeky little ones!

Have you experienced a blinkofbliss when re-starting something you stopped?


October 22, 2012

62: A Natural Blow Dry 

You shampoo, wash, rinse, dry, straighten, gel your hair to perfection. Feeling great – you walk outside but the wind is blowing in the wrong direction throwing all your hair forwards and ruining all your hard efforts.

Today, the wind gods were smiling. I stepped outside and the wind was blowing on my face and pulling my hair back – blinksofbliss.

Do you enjoy feeling the wind through your hair?

October 21, 2012

01: Blinksofbliss from Swathi

I had a flower pot left by our previous tenants in my balcony. Every time I see that I used to tell myself I must do something with it.

Some lightning struck my one day and i dropped some coriander seeds in that pot and totally forgot about it.

After few days I woke up with sound heavy rain and rushed to our balcony to save my clothes from getting wet.

I noticed my coriander seedlings popped out.

This was truly a blink of bliss moment for me. I was happy like a kid that day.

Thank you Swathi for sharing your blinksofbliss!

Did you have blinksofbliss today? Blink your Bliss here

October 19, 2012

61: A Wall Picture Perfection

Ever found a perfect picture and a great spot on your wall to place it?

I brought this lovely picture which ended up homeless on the floor because I simply could not find the time to hang it up – I know excuses. So, today was the day! My picture was going up. I found my drill, hook, measuring tape and a pencil.  After about 2 hours it was up and thankfully the picture is large enough to cover about 30 mistake holes (mental note – remember to learn about how to drill into a plaster board). 

Standing back and finally seeing my picture up was #blinksofbliss – it looks perfect and I will never move it! 

Have you experienced a #blinksofbliss today?

October 17, 2012

60: Best Things In Life Are Free!

Have you experienced a freebie from a promotion stall? It could be a sample of a new washing powder, a perfume or a hand cream. I always try to take a sneaky peek to see if the freebie takes my fancy.

Today, I was about to walk past one these stalls until I saw a crowd of people munching on something and as you know I love my food! I took a closer look and noticed they were promoting a new doughnut and before I even knew it I was straight to the front of the queue to have a free taste. It was possibly the best piece of doughnut that I have ever sampled – I ended up buying the box. A deliciously expensive but tasty free #blinkofbliss!

What kind of freebie has been your #blinksofbliss?

October 11, 2012

59: Toddler Alarm – The Joy of Extra Sleep Time


I no longer need an electronic alarm clock as I have an 19 month toddler who does the job every day early in the mornings. We hear him shout from the top of his lungs “Maammmaaaaaaa, Maaaaaammmmaaaaa, Maaammmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa”. In toddler speak, this means, “Get up and come get me now!”.

So it’s 5.30am and he goes off right on time. But then, suddenly he goes quiet and so I went to check and much to my delight, he was sleeping which means ‘Mammmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa’ can go back to sleep too! #blinksofbliss

Have you experienced the joy of extra sleep?

August 3, 2012

58: Small Bite – Can you resist temptation?

Do you remember Joey from Friends? He never ever shares his food. Do you find your friend, husband, boyfriend or family member is eating something extremely fattening and you just want a small, tiny or little bite.

My husband gets irritated every time I want a bite so I always try my hardest not to ask. So, we are in a restaurant:
Husband: I am ordering this cheesecake, what about you?
Me: Oh, I am on a diet (See Post 53). I will have tea.
Husband: Are you sure? I won’t let you have a bite…(serious look)… I mean it!
Me: Err nope I am fine and promise I won’t have a bite (mental note, I can resist).

This gorgeous cheese cake arrives and my mouth starts to water more than Niagara Falls. I tried hard not to give in, sipped my tea slowly, tried to picture me in a bikini (okay, this will never happen) but nothing worked. When my husband looked away, I quickly grab my tea-spoon, delved in and had a #blinksofbliss bite!

Can you resist a dessert blinksofbliss?

July 28, 2012

57: A Tickle ‘Attack’ – Do you have a tickle sensitive spot?

    “You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing” -Michael Pritchard

    It could be your armpit, chest, feet, back of your knee, under the chin or somewhere only you know but receiving a tickle attack in any of these places will make you uncontrollably laugh. It is the quickest way to make someone laugh or to get what you want. However be warned as you may receive a counter tickle attack back!

    Today, my laughter weapon came out and my 19 month old son received the biggest tickle attack. It was so funny seeing how tickling his armpit made him laugh. The sound of his laughter filling the house was #blinksofbliss!

    Have you received or given a tickle attack?

July 26, 2012

56: Good Morning Sunshine and Good Night Rain!

You wake up, crawl out of bed and at some point, you will open your blinds or the curtains and take a look outside. You could view the forecast from your phone. However, nothing beats making a weather assessment for yourself, especially when needing to make a crucial decision on what to wear.

Today, waking up, opening my blinds, seeing and feeling the heat of the sun for 3 consecutive days in London is simply #blinksofbliss. Finally, I can put my cardigans away!

Do you love seeing the sun in the morning?

July 22, 2012

55: Road Trip – Do you always remember everything?

You’ve been on countdown since you booked your trip. The day finally arrives but before you lock your front door and get in the car you need to make sure:

- windows are shut,
- back door is closed,
- heating and water are switched off,
- gas cooker turned off,
- hair straightener switched off and packed away,
- hair dryer packed (always need my own!),
- baby food, clothes, nappies, wipes, toys, beaker, dummy, shoes, medicine, first aid kit and books packed,
- snacks and pack lunch made,
- travel high chair and cot loaded into car
- mobile charger packed,
- photo camera packed,
- sat nav plugged in and destination set,
- petrol tank full, and
- baby strapped in.

After a very long time, we had our first family road-trip and it was #blinksofbliss to finally be on the road, that is, until we remembered we forgot to double-check that back door!

How do you feel when your trip finally starts?


July 20, 2012

54: Glad It’s The F Day! Which day of the week do you wish for?

You are so resilient, dependable and strong. You never let me down. No matter what happens, you are always there – week in and week out. Please don’t take offence Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, I love you the most.

For me, Friday evenings are a #blinksofbliss as it means the weekend will soon start and my affair with Saturday and Sunday can begin!

Do you love the F day as much as I do?

July 18, 2012

53: Relief from tight trousers – I can’t wait to take these off!

There is always that one item you just can’t wait to wear when you have returned from clothes shopping. You remember – how great, thin and super hot you looked when you tried it on in the shop fitting room. If you are like me, you did a little dance of joy in front of the mirror. Okay, maybe not!

I had that same feeling until I wore my brand new trousers for longer than 2 hours. This is when I realised I couldn’t actually breathe when sitting down in them – so tight! It was such a #blinksofbliss to undo that top button and take them off – phew!

Have you had a similar #blinksofbliss?

July 16, 2012

52: Longest Day – What would be your perfect ending to a never-ending day?

Some days it feels like you will never see your home. You’ve had the longest day at the office with endless meetings and deadlines. Then, much to your despair, this long day continues with train cancellations or traffic – what bad luck! You wished you never left in the morning as you remember your home, how it looks, your rooms, the furniture, your tv and ooh your bed!

Today, it felt like my day would never end and the only thing that kept me going was the thought of being at home. I was so happy and relieved to see my front door. The feeling of turning my lock with the key, pushing the door open and stepping into my hallway was a blinkofbliss.

Is seeing your home a #blinksofbliss?

July 13, 2012

51: A Book You Love To Hate – Have you experienced a book you can’t put down?

It’s a best seller. All your friends are talking about it and then you hear there will be movie out too. So, you succumb to popularity and go and buy/download the book. Then, you start reading and you’re absolutely hooked.

You walk around thinking about the story, imaging the characters, wondering what happens next and how it will end. You start to notice it’s not only you who just can’t put it down!

I am still halfway through my book and simply can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. But then, I find myself slowing down as I just don’t want the book to end! It’s a blink of bliss to find a good read – good job there is a another book – part 2!

What has been your, ‘I can’t put this book away’ read?

July 11, 2012

50: Fridge Delight – What would you like to see when you open your fridge?

Have you ever been so  hungry, have no idea what to eat and need to eat now?  You run through what you can chop, bake, peel,  boil, fry, steam, microwave, defrost, cook and fill your empty and growling stomach with.

Today, I had this exact feeling until I opened my fridge. It was a blink of pizza bliss as I saw my left over ‘veggie delight’ pizza slices from last night. I couldn’t wait to warm it up and eat it – yummy.

What would be your #blinksofbliss Fridge Delight?

If you like pizza read this too:

19: First Bite

July 9, 2012

49: Hidden Treasures – What would be your surprise find?

You were looking for something else by digging away in your pockets, handbag or wallet but then find a surprise which makes your day.

I was looking for my keys in my handbag  and if you’re anything like me, I have the entire contents of my life and kitchen in my handbag! So, I had to tip the contents out and there it was a chewing gum stick brightly glowing at me – chomp chomp. A definite #blinksofbliss for a self confessed chewing gum addict!

Tell me your #blinksofbliss surprise find?

July 6, 2012

48: Hand Drill – Washing your hands can be fun.

Whether it’s before dinner, after you sneeze or after a pee – the routine of washing our hands is drilled into us. I can always hear the sound of my mum’s voice and these six words, “Don’t forgot to wash your words” followed by these crucial reminders:

1) Wet your hands and apply hand-wash.
2) Rub your hands together.
3) Don’t forget to scrub between those fingers.
4) Wash the soap away and pat your hands dry.

Today, I opened a new bottle of hand-wash with lavender fragrance. It was a blink of ‘washing my hands’ bliss as it reminded me just how lovely lavender smells and that I do listen to my mum – occasionally!

What are your favourite #blinksofbliss hand-wash smells?

July 4, 2012

47: Lion Surprise

You been thinking, planning and hiding a surprise gift for ages. You imagine just how happy they will be to receive it and you just can’t wait to see their face of delight.

My problem is I cannot keep a secret (you been warned), and so I told my husband my special anniversary gift (Lion King musical theatre tickets) a month early (told you). Even so, the surprise look and happiness he showed was #blinksofbliss feeling!

The only problem is he cannot stop singing, “A Circle of Life”. Any recommendations for good ear plugs?

How do you feel when you surprise someone?

July 2, 2012

46: Supermarket Rush

My supermarket is a food rush – trolleys crashing, shelves stacking, shoppers queuing and tills beeping. It’s like there are never enough hours in the day with things to do, people to see, places to get too – rush, rush and rush.

I was rushing away when I received possibly the most loveliest service ever from my cashier – Elaine (yep – I actually took a second to read her name badge!).

It was a #blinksofbliss service as I could have talked to her all day and almost forgot about the rushing queue behind me!

Have you received #blinksofbliss service?

July 1, 2012

45: National No Shower Day!

It’s Sunday and you’ve declared it as, “No shower for me today as I just cannot be bothered!”. It always seems a good idea first thing in the morning but as the day goes on you begin to feel grubby, dirty and sticky.

My warning bells rang when both my BO and a fly started to hang around me like a bad smell! So, I did it, I  took a shower midday and the feeling of being clean was a #blinksofbliss

Have you had a midday shower?

June 28, 2012

44: It’s a LOL moment

Ever found yourself laughing momentary and realise you’ve laughed just to yourself? You could be laughing at something you read on the internet, your book, a magazine, a text message or even something you’ve remembered.

I had an extreme lol to myself moment today.  I was laughing so much I had tears rolling down my face, my stomach was sucked in from all the deep breaths  (wish it was sucked in all the time)  and then the sound of a hyena (that’s the noise I make when I laugh). Suddenly I remembered I was in our open office at work and should be a lot quieter – opps!

Despite appearing completely nuts, my ‘lol’ or ‘lmao’ moment was a #blinkofbliss!

Do you lol to yourself?

June 27, 2012

43: Dancing Baa Baa

I was trying to remember my nursery rhymes whilst attempting to sing Baa Baa Black Sheep and then my 18 month son started to dance for the first time.  I  couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

He was having such fun and I soon found myself dancing around (okay stomping!) and singing with him. He was totally lost in the sounds of Baa Baa Black Sheep and I have to admit unlike his mum he has rhythm! It was such an unexpected #blinksofbliss.

Tell me a time when you had an unexpected blinks of bliss?

June 25, 2012

42: Commuting Bliss – My 7 Step Process To Getting That Seat!

Commuting is not fun especially if you are standing up. Being 5 feet and 1 Inch, I normally end up with my head below an arm pit or two – not nice!

Today, being determined to grab a seat, I noticed there are 7 steps to commuting bliss:

1) Ensure you work out where the train doors will open. Tip: Choose a spot where a crowd has gathered.

2) Stand at the side of this crowd and spend a moment examining your competitors. Tip: Look out for those in trainers as they will move faster!

3) Wait for the train door to open. Tip: Always patiently let the passengers exit.

4) Game on – seek your target seat and keep your eyes on it. Tip: Visualise your bum on that seat.

5) Quickly shuffle and manoeuvre towards it. Tip: Keep calm and do not push!

6) Sit down faster than a cheetah sprinting for his prey. Tip: Think about the speed of lightning.

7) Did you get the seat? Sit back, relax and enjoy your journey – #blinksofbliss.

What are your commuting bliss?

June 22, 2012

41: Crick, Crack and Crunch – #blinksofbliss

I promised myself to stop cracking my knuckles. It’s both annoying for others and extremely bad for my fingers.

I managed to distract myself by biting my nails (another bad habit – I know), chewing gum, drinking tea, coffee and squeezing a stress-ball. But, no matter how much I resisted, the urge was too much…..

….. “crick crack crunch” mmmmm #blinksofbliss

Do you have a #blinksofbliss habit?

June 20, 2012

40: Good Morning Tea!

The sound of the alarm clock goes off and you have that dreaded feeling of having to wake up. It feels like you haven’t slept at all as the first few seconds you spend trying to figure out if another 10 minutes of sleep is possible. If only, you had the energy to make that nice cup of tea to clear up the fuzzy head and blurred vision.

I couldn’t believe it when my husband made me a nice cup of warm tea – I didn’t even have to ask or beg! He must be a mind reader as the first sip was a blink of waking up bliss.

Have you had a #blinksofbliss from someone reading your mind?

June 18, 2012

39: Lost and Found

You look high and low, retrace all your steps, look again and again, ask your friends and family whether they have seen it….but no joy! Slowly you begin to accept it, it’s lost, gone forever and you think to yourself, “I will never ever see it again”.

Then, I felt it as I pulled it out from the hidden depths of my sofa. Even though my arm nearly got stuck, I felt that blink of bliss, that happiness and relief all joined in to one, “I Found It!”

Ever experienced that lost and found feeling?

June 14, 2012

38: Feet Bliss

Have you experienced the shopping curse? This is when everything you want is either out of stock, the wrong colour, too small or too big…. well it wasn’t a nightmare it was my reality.

After a very tiring day, my feet were very sore from all the walking around from shop to shop. My blinkofbliss came the exact second I lifted my feet off the floor and rested them. Phew – I think I will stick to internet shopping!

Have you experienced feet #blinksofbliss?

June 12, 2012

37: MWAH Mamma

It’s always hard saying, “Goodbye and be a good boy” to my son when I drop him to our nursery in the morning. I spend my working day wondering whether he is happy or if ate his lunch, had a nap, played with the toys…the worry list is endless!

Today, my blink of bliss came right at the end of day when I collected him. He welcomed me with the biggest smile possible and then the most wettest mmwwwaahhh on my cheek.

Have you experienced a #blinksofbliss welcoming?

June 11, 2012

36: Window Rain Rivers

This morning I was sitting on my train to work feeling cold, wet and miserable from the rain. Is it really June in London?

Then, I noticed how mesmerizing rain is as I watched a single drop of rain joining in with fellow rain drops to create a network of rivers and streams against the train window.

For a split blink, I stopped being grumpy about the rain and then remembered I was definitely glad to be watching this from the inside and not out – bliss!

What are your favourite rain blinks of bliss?

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June 10, 2012

35: The Cornetto Experience

Chocolate, nuts, vanilla surrounded by waffle cone on a hot summers day is absolute bliss. Okay, so summer hasn’t arrived here in London but lets savour these blinks!

It’s like for those few minutes as you tackle the delightful feast time stands still. After unwrapping the wrapper, you begin to tackle bit by bit the nuts so delicately planted on top of the vanilla/chocolate mix. Then, you start to bite away at the vanilla whilst simultaneously crunching and nibbling away at the waffle cone. Slowly, the Cornetto disappears and just as you think it can’t get any better, it does!

For me, the blink of bliss comes right at the end of the cone – the bit full of chocolate. It’s the perfect ending to a yummy Cornetto. If only it didn’t have to end! 

What is your favourite #blinksofbliss when eating a Cornetto?

June 6, 2012

34: Perfect Timing

Whether it’s luck or great time management, but arriving at the platform just as the train is pulling into the station is definitely, ‘Phew – I made it!’ blink of bliss.

Fortunately, my animal run to the train (imagine a stampede in heels) with my arms ready to hold the door open will be saved for another day!

Have you ever experienced perfect timing?

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June 4, 2012

33: To-Do or Not To-Do

I have concluded that ‘to-do’ lists are never-ending, no matter how many you cross off, there are a thousand and one new items to add. Do you find there is one ‘to-do’ which you put off for tomorrow, next week or next month but yet it’s alway the one you promise ‘to-do’ today? 

This particular ‘to-do’ was becoming more and more of a ‘to-do’ priority and today, after a lot of excuses I have painted my Picnic bench with wood stained paint. It’s  a blink of bliss to tick it right off my list and not have visions of it rotting away in my garden. 

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June 3, 2012

32: Poor Kettle

Cold, lukewarm, warm, warmer, hot, hotter, boiling, boiling, shake violently, steam, more steam, shake, shake……CLICK…your water is boiled!  

Even though it seems to be a very stressful experience for my kettle, that click is a blink of bliss as I can pour out hot water for my much-needed cuppa tea.

August 10, 2011

31: Song of the Day

Have you ever experienced a day where a song you love follows you everywhere you go?

Today, the song I couldn’t get out of head was playing absolutely everywhere I went. I heard it whilst I  was shopping, on my car radio and then on my tv when I turned it on. It could be a very popular song but every time I listened to it I  enjoyed a blink of bliss and yes, somehow I managed not to butcher the song by singing to it with my tone-deaf voice! 

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August 8, 2011

30: Helping Hand

It’s nice to receive or give a helping hand, it only takes a few seconds but can make a real difference. I am sure if I carried anymore I would have either toppled over or sunk into the ground. Shopping bags, push chair, handbag, baby changing bag, the baby, toys, mobile phone and if I could the kitchen sink.

Just like one of those flies banging their heads against the window I stood banging my shopping bags against a door attempting to open it. It was a blink of bliss when a very helpful person stopped what they were doing and came to my rescue by holding open the door.

August 7, 2011

29: Empty Bin

Mastering the art of throwing rubbish into a full bin should become an olympic sport. Just to avoid emptying it, you need concentration  and sheer skill to squeeze, angle, pile, push and shove that waste in somehow. 

I knew the bin was full as I was contemplating how best to squeeze my empty milk bottle in only to stop short and realise someone has emptied it – ahhh blink of bliss! 

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August 6, 2011

28: Perfect Potato Cube

It always seems everyone else cuts out perfect little cubes from a potato, just the right shape, symmetrical and cooked to the right softness. Unfortunately, I am not graced with such skill as my chopped up potato always ends up looking like a very badly designed 3D puzzle and cooked to crunch like an apple.

I got into potato chopping zone and with extreme concentration I cut out  and cooked these perfect potato cubes –  a blink of cooking bliss!

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August 5, 2011

27: Smiles, Smiles, Smiles

You see each other from a distance and as you get closer and closer to each other,  the following options may happen, you:

1) quickly look away and carry on as if they are not there,
2) continue to stare at each other whilst thinking, “weirdo what you looking at?”, or perhaps, 
3) smile or they smile either way the smile is returned.

I am absolutely certain my jeans were zipped up or perhaps I was looking just a little too much as three strangers gave lovely smiles and it felt really nice – blink of bliss. 

August 4, 2011

26: Daytime Snoozing

Cooking breakfast, gulping down tea, cleaning, doing the laundry, hanging up the washing, taking a shower, having breakfast, writing a shopping list, getting ready, getting the baby ready…phew, you feel like you have done a whole days work and it’s only the morning! 

After running around like a headless chicken all morning, I closed my eyes and woke up realising I fell asleep. It was blink of bliss to wake up feeling refreshed giving me that burst of energy to cook lunch, clean, feed the baby, clean the baby, change my clothes, bring the washing in………… 

August 3, 2011

25: Flying Helicopter

Your walking along and you feel a tap on your head, suddenly you have a split second dread that a bird  has just emptied their breakfast, lunch and dinner on you. Well, that’s  exactly what I thought until I realised it were sycamores or ‘flying helicopters’ – phew!

My blink of bliss was not having to wash my hair but also the many childhood memories brought back by seeing those sycamores fall from the sky. 

August 2, 2011

24: Hiding Places

Golf  -  either you play it, watch it, know someone who does or know nothing much about it (like me)!

We decided to take a stroll and visit a  park near us which turned out to be a golf park.  I felt a blink of bliss looking down at all the green fields, trees, bushes, golf buggies and people in caps expertly playing. I understand why my friend’s husband is always off out playing golf (much to my friends annoyance!).

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August 1, 2011

23: Go Nuts

Have you seen those sections in supermarkets that are solely dedicated to sweets and you can pick and mix your choice into a paper bag? Multiply that vision by ten in fact hundred and replace the sweets with nuts!

I saw the most spectacular sights of many variety  of nuts ever seen –   raw, savoury, honey, milk chocolate and yoghurt-covered! These were magnificently arranged in huge buckets and each had a spotlight on them. The lovely lady kindly let me have a cheeky sample or two – blink of nutty bliss!

July 31, 2011

22: Parking Discount

Slapped right in the middle of your windscreen, a fine screaming, “How dare you park without a ticket? And if you don’t pay within 24 hours we want all your life savings (evil laugh)”. It’s always the times when you think, “I won’t be too long” or when your positive there is no traffic warden in sight.

Today, I decided not to chance my luck, with my coins ready and my length of stay estimated I walked up to the machine. I had to blink a few times before realising someone kindly left their unused ticket with lots of hours still to go. Bliss – thank you who ever you are!

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July 30, 2011

21: Last Loo Roll

It’s almost like the feeling of being stranded on a desert with nowhere to go, you look and your heart sinks, “Ohhhh nooooo there is only….um mm….. ten sheets of loo roll left.” In desperation you wonder what else you can use before resorting to screaming your head off until someone can come to your rescue. That is, by asking them to put a fresh roll of loo paper JUST outside the door so you can pick it up when your certain they have gone. 

I often find myself loo paper stranded, my blink of bliss today was turning around and noticing a brand new loo roll…..or perhaps someone realised I did this a lot! 

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March 8, 2014

70: Blinksofbliss is changing!


It’s been a while since I last posted, this is because I have been busy  with a new hobby – doodling, sewing and printing!! This blog is going to change direction and become a place where I can share my new adventure with you. I will be changing the site and removing old posts. Thank you for following me and for all your lovely comments over the years. I hope you will continue to follow me as I share my new passion! Watch this space!!


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